Manual and Automatic Car Driving Lessons

You can learn to drive and take your test on a manual or automatic car, choose whichever suits you best. Automatic cars are becoming more popular but if you choose this option, your license will only entitle you to drive only automatic cars. If you choose to learn on a manual car on the other hand you will be entitled to drive both.
We offer lessons for both manual and automatic cars and have both male and female qualified full time instructors.
We pickup/dropdown candidates all round Malta and lessons are held from Mondays to Saturdays all day long.

To book your first lesson we made it very easy, just call us now on 7964 7777 or 2764 7777. Or you can also send your details on and we will contact you ourselves.

Your perfect choice for driving lessons in Malta

Much more than simply providing you with the skills to pass your driving test, we will teach you in a calm, professional style how to drive both confidently and competently.

  • Experience - fully qualified instructors.
  • Structured learning – proven, comprehensive, flexible.
  • Tailored lesson content – learn at your pace not ours.
  • Competitive prices – our quality teaching can mean lower total cost.

Your lessons

You can be assured that your qualified instructor will take a relaxed, flexible and professional approach in teaching you to drive – and that includes our very strict ‘no shouting policy’.

Your instructor will cover not only ‘the how’ but also ‘the why’, and teach at a pace that suits you.

We will spend maximum time on the elements that need the most work. Each lesson will be planned in advance and we will keep record of your progress.

Our lessons have no mileage limits and in fact, we promise that you will spend as much as possible of your lesson driving and not parked by the roadside talking.

If it’s practical, we will pick you up from your workplace or school and return to your home or vice versa. However please understand that we will look to vary your lesson times to provide experience in different traffic conditions.

Finally, as long as you have decided that you want to learn to drive, the first step is easy – go ahead and book your first lesson with Rudolph Motoring School. It will require some hard work from us both, but we truly believe that you will enjoy learning to drive with us.

Helpful videos

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